The 5 Best-tasting Dairy-free Milk Alternatives

Dairy Free Milk
 Brian Klutch

As dairy-free milk alternatives flood supermarket aisles, wading through the options to find the best—and best-tasting—choices can be daunting. So we raided every grocery within a kettlebell’s throw of our offices, rounded up all the brands we could find, and, with the help of Atlanta nutritionist Marisa Moore, R.D., and a gang of Men’s Fitness taste testers, did all the heavy lifting—er, drinking—for you.

Soy Milk: The protein punch

Soy’s great for active guys, Moore says. In taste/nutrition, it’s “the closest to milk and has more protein than other nondairy picks.” Soy was also Men’s Fitness testers’ fave.

The winner: Soy Dream Organic Vanilla Enriched (Cal/cup: 100, sugar: 6g, protein: 7g, fat: 4g)


”Wow, tasty!”
“Spot-on body and flavor.”
“Just like milk.”

Runner-up: Soy Slender Vanilla (Cal/cup: 70, sugar: <1g, protein: 6g, fat: 3g)

Almond Milk: The all-rounder

This also has a dairy taste but packs fewer calories. Bonus: Almonds have the most calcium of all nuts. As with any non-dairy choices, beware of mega added sugar (one we tried had 13g!).

The winner: Almond Breeze Original (Cal/Cup: 60, sugar: 7g, protein: 1g, fat 2.5g)


“Nutty and not too sweet.”
“Nice and creamy, not too thick.” 

Runner-up: Pacific Organic Original (Cal/cup: 60, sugar: 7g, protein: 1g, fat: 3g)

Cashew Milk: On the light side

Cashew milk has zero sat fats, few calories, and is fairly creamy. Our testers’ main impression, though: “Meh.” It also has virtually no protein. But for dieting, we say Yea.

The winner: So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla (Cal/cup: 35, sugar: 0g, protein: 0g, fat: 3.5g)


”Not bad for cereal.”
“Kinda bland.”

Runner-up: Cashew Dream Original Enriched (Cal/cup: 50, sugar: 5g, protein: <1g, fat: 2.5g)

Hemp Milk: Friendly fat

The least “milk-like,” hemp can be an acquired taste: In our test, it got the fewest points—and the most grimaces. But it can be a wise choice: “Hemp has more omega- 3s than other options, plus a bit more protein,” Moore says.

The winner: Tempt Unsweetened Vanilla (Cal/cup: 80, sugar: 0g, protein: 2g, fat: 8g) 


“Reminds me of vanilla ice cream.” 

Runner-up: Tempt Original (Cal/cup: 10, sugar: 6g, protein: 2g, fat: 7g)

Coconut Milk: Non-dairy dessert

Rich and creamy, coconut’s perfect for smoothies. But with lots of saturated fat, it’s not so heart-smart, so don’t drink it daily.

The winner: So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk (Cal/cup: 80, sugar: 8g, protein: 0g, fat: 4.5g) 



Runner-Up: Coconut Dream Original Unsweetened (Cal/cup: 60, sugar: <1g, protein: 0g, far: 5g)