5 Health Benefits of Beans


At first we thought the U.N. had gone a little buggy naming 2016 “The Year of the Pulse”—like, in which year would you not want to have a pulse? Then we realized: Oh, not that kind of pulse. These pulses are foods that keep cravings at bay and can even help you whittle your waist—so, yeah, definitely worth checking out.

Previously known by their maiden names—kidney bean, navy bean, pinto bean, garbanzo bean, dried French green bean (flageolets), black-eyed and split pea, lentil, and peanut—pulses are legumes harvested only for the dry seed, unlike green peas or soybeans, which are vegetable crops.

And apparently they can help you lose weight: According to an analysis
of 21 clinical trials, 940 subjects ate just a 3/4-cup serving of pulses daily—but didn’t change any thing else diet-or activity-wise—yet
 in six weeks, they still lost about three-fourths of a pound, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports.

Bonus: Pulses also help you:

2. Feel fuller
3. Supply fiber 
4. Provide non-animal protein
5. Cut cholesterol

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