5 Healthy Craft Beer Ingredients You Haven’t Heard of

Healthy Craft Beer

If your taste buds have grown bored with classic wheat-based beers, change things up with these odd-sounding, yet potentially beneficial, ale infusions. Check out five unusual craft beers made with health-boosting foods.

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This is no monkey business; the same potassium-rice fruit that protects against muscle cramps also gives beer a more yellow hue and a sweet, light flavor. Try Sprecher Beers’ Mbege Ale, an East African style beer created with citrus and melon. It’s gluten-free, too.

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2. Black Walnuts

Heart-healthy black walnuts give beer a chocolate brown pigment, smooth texture, and a sweet malty taste. Try Perennial Artisan Ales’ Black Walnut Dunkel brew, made with 250 pounds of black walnuts.

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3. Seaweed

The low-calorie iodine-rich sea vegetable is great in sushi…but beer, too? Stay with us here. Seaweed gives beer a unique flavor that’s part malty, part salty. Try Marshall Wharf’s New Sea Belt beer, brewed with dried Maine sugar kelp.

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4. Cucumbers

Hydration-aiding cucumbers (they’re made up of 95% water) are being used in beer because they provide a refreshing and light flavor that’s perfect for summer. Try the seasonal Cigar City Cucumber Saison, a thirst-quenching ale infused with cucumbers, honey, and lemon.

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5. Roma Tomatoes

Your favorite salad and sandwich topper gives beer a red glow, not to mention a powerful taste. Think: a Bloody Mary infused with beer. Tomatoes also add a touch of sweetness and a smooth texture. Try Short’s Brew Bloody Beer, a brew made with Roma tomatoes, spiced dill, horseradish, peppercorns, and celery seeds.

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