5-Minute Kitchen: Eric Helms Profile

If you think juicing is for yogis, holistic health nuts, and women who believe it’s possible to shed 20 pounds in two weeks, you need to meet Eric Helms. He’s the founder of NYC’s Juice Generation and has been in the juice bar biz for 14 years. When we caught up with Helms, he cleared up our misconceptions about drinking our fruits and vegetables.

What we were most surprised to learn:

  • Juicing doesn’t mean going on a juice cleanse. Juices can supplement your regular meals, and there’s no need to cut out solid food. Good, because we like to chew our protein.
  • Green juice looks terrible, but tastes great. Sure, straight-up spinach or kale puree would make any guy want to puke, but it’s easy to take the garden-like taste out of green juice by adding fresh fruit, like melon, to the mix.

Ready to take the plunge? Watch this 5-Minute Kitchen video to learn more about how juicing can boost energy levels and make you feel better all-around. Then head to the kitchen and tackle two super healthy recipes:

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