5-Minute Kitchen: How to Build an Acai Bowl

We’ll admit that our go-to breakfasts get boring. But we know how good healthy morning meals, like eggs or a homemade smoothie, make us feel and we don’t want to mess that up. Unless, of course, someone could turn us on to some AM grub that didn’t make us crash and burn hours before lunch.

Enter Eric Helms. He’s the founder of NYC’s Juice Generation and on top of teaching us the right way to say “acai,” he got us hooked on a super healthy smoothie alternative.

The acai bowl is a traditional Brazilian breakfast that’s loaded with antioxidants. To mix one up, blend frozen acai, almond milk, and a banana; pour into a bowl; and top with hemp granola and sliced banana. Tune into this installment of 5-Minute Kitchen for step by step instructions.

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