5-Minute Kitchen: How to Grill the Perfect Steak

In theory, it shouldn’t be that difficult to grill the perfect steak. But while it’s technically as simple as heating your grill, seasoning the meat and letting the cut cook on each side, the end product can easily turn out chewy, flavorless or seriously overdone. So what gives?

Flank steak with beer-caramelized onions

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We posed this question to chef Michael Ferraro and asked him to guide us through the process of grilling a cut of steak that we’d actually be proud to serve to our family and friends. As he prepared a classic New York strip in the kitchen of his restaurant Delicatessen, we realized that we—like many guys—are making some key mistakes that prevent our steak from reaching its full flavor potential. One major head-smacker: We’re not getting our grill hot enough to really sear in those char marks that are the true hallmark of a well-prepared steak.


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It’s a simple fix—and just one of many that we learned while filming this edition of 5-Minute Kitchen. To get the real meat, however, check out the video above.

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