5-Minute Kitchen: Make Chicken Three Ways

Maybe you picked up another boring roast chicken at the grocery store the other night, or perhaps you can’t stand the thought of heating up that leftover chicken breast for the second (or is it third?) night in a row. As fit men who eat a lot of chicken, and we mean a lot of chicken, we know you’ve all been there.

So we asked Spencer Rubin— who built the menu for NYC’s Melt Shop around 10-plus takes on the traditional grilled cheese—to give us three outside-the-box ideas for chicken sandwiches. What he came up with was a chicken grilled cheese (trust us—you’ll want to check out his technique), a leaner version of the classic French dip, and a chicken salad with a secret ingredient that will not disappoint.

Feeling intrigued? Shred up that lonely chicken breast that’s sitting in your fridge—and you’re ready to go. Just hit play above, then review the recipe for Roasted Chicken Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Avocado.


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