5 Reasons You Should Try WTRMLN WTR


If you’re a fit, active guy, you probably have a go-to sports beverage you sip before and/or after your workouts. It likely has some of the nutrients you need to improve your performance and help you recover afterwards. But, it also probably has some things you don’t necessarily need or want. Enter: WTRMLN WTR—an all-natural beverage that’s a healthy switch for your hydration needs, whether that’s around your sweat sessions or just while you’re sitting at your desk at 3 p.m. (More on that in slide three below.)

“WTRMLN WTR water is the very best form of hydration and enhances athletic performance significantly—it’s scientifically backed,” says WTRMLN WTR founder Jody Levy. “It has six times the electrolytes of any other sports beverage on the market, there’s no added sugars, no chemicals, it’s not heat treated, it’s completely naturaland it’s a game-changer.”

Levy along with co-founder Harlan Berger started WTRMLN WTR as a solution to a problem. “There are 800,000,000 pounds of unused watermelons in the US each year,” explains Levy. Most of it is made up of “ugly fruit” or “seconds”—unused produce that isn’t perfect so farmers don’t typically send it to retailers because consumers don’t want to buy it (especially if your fruit is 18-20 pounds!) “We started working with farmers around America to buy their seconds—some of them are ugly, some have seeds, some are sunburned—and we press WTRMLM WTR out of watermelons that would otherwise be unused.”

So, great, it’s good for the environment and helps eliminate waste. But that’s far from the whole story. “None of us knew that watermelon was more than this nostalgic yummy thing that dripped down our faces, but then we saw the functional benefits of it and realized it’s a superfruit,” says Levy. (In fact, it’s one of these old-school fruits you should be eating!)

Now, the company has lots of celeb and athlete supporters. Michael Strahan, for one, says “I drink a lot of WTRMLN WTR during my workouts. It’s great for hydration, and on top of that, it tastes really good.” Other key fans of the brand include Kenbrell Thompkins of the New York Jets, Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos and many, many more. 

Click through the following slides to find out all the benefits that can be had from sipping this superfruit beverage.

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It may improve your performance in your workout—and recovery afterwards.

“The reason that it helps before and after a workout is because watermelon is the only place in nature where there’s an amino acid called l-citrulline—a vasodilator,” explains Levy. “So, before a workout, sipping the stuff relaxes the muscles so it prevents muscle fatigue.” (Think about a cyclist going to ride 100 miles. He may drink WTRMLN WTR to ward off cramping or tense muscles.) Post-workout, l-citrulline helps with recovery and gets rid of cramping, says Levy. “A lot of the pro-athletes and trainers are seeing better performance results along with people who use it in everyday fitness to prevent muscle fatigue.”


It helps you stay hydrated.

“The reason it’s the best form of hydration is because it has so many natural electrolytes,” says Levy. “We press the flesh and the rind—where a lot of the potassium is.” The combination of the high levels of electrolytes plus the l-citrulline allow for what’s called intracellular hydration. “WTRMLN WTR boosts your body’s capacity to rejuvenate from the inside out,” confirms physician and best selling author Dr. Mark Hyman. “Plus, it’s full of colorful and powerful plant phytochemicals, it’s the most delicious, nutrient-dense, and lower-in-sugar alternative to many beverages on the shelves today, “ he adds, calling it “the best form of hydration.”


It may help you beat the 3 p.m. slump.

WTRMLN WTR boosts mitochondrial function (mitochondria are the energy generators of cells), which can give you a little boost of energy when you’re fatigued, says Levy. If you’re working all day at your desk, sipping this at 3pm may be just the energy boost you need. Try swapping it in for you afternoon coffee and see how you feel!

It could amp your libido.

As mentioned, watermelon is packed with l-citrulline—a natural vasodilator. Also a vasodilator? Viagra. See the connection there?


It’s a great drink mixer!

“I mix WTRMLN WTR with mezcal for a perfect cocktail,” says Levy. “And before I go to bed I drink some straight to prevent hangovers.” Seriously. Since dehydration is a key trigger for the nasiest of hangovers, WTRMLN WTR is a great cure. “The potassium (electrolytes) paired with the recovery benefits of l-citrulline will help replenish, rehydrate, and recover like nothing else,” says Levy. 

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