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6 Cocktail Recipes, Created for Beer Drinkers

 Emily Suzanne McDonald / Getty Images

It’s a golden age for cocktails and whether they realize it or not, this is especially good news for beer fans. “Beers fall into the categories of being malt-dominated, hop-dominated, or yeast-dominated, and cocktails can emphasize similarly malty, bitter, and fruity or spicy flavors,” says Jeff Josenhans, director of banquets, restaurants and bars for The US Grant in San Diego. Not only does Josenhans, a Certified Cicerone, curate an impressive beer list for the hotel, but as an experienced mixologist he creates his own boozy beverages that appeal specifically to those who enjoy a good lager or ale. We asked him, and a couple of our other favorite brew-friendly bartenders, for the cocktails they’d recommend for beer lovers.