7-Eleven Now Delivers Beer in Select Major Cities Across America

Scott Olson / Getty Images

A big win for your next backyard barbecue: It just got easier than ever to get beer delivered to your doorstep. Global convenience store giant 7-Eleven is now delivering popular brews in a range of cities across the U.S., Food & Wine reports.

7-Eleven began offering deliveries Friday, April 26, and users can now place an order using the company’s 7Now app.

For now, beer delivery is limited to 18 markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, St. Louis, and San Francisco. But the roster of available beers is surprisingly deep. The brews are listed in the cheekily named “Beer Necessities” section of the 7Now app, and options range from beer-cave staples like Bud Light and Coors Light to craftier options like New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, Lagunitas Maximus IPA, and even hard cider.

Sizes also range from six-packs to full cases, and there’s plenty of other beer-adjacent products on offer as well, from plastic cups and pizzas to Advil. That’s right, you can get your party supplies and next-day hangover kit in one fell swoop.  

7-Eleven also sells wine, but it’s currently not available for delivery, and liquor is off the table as well. For that, you’ll have to turn to a competing service like Drizly. Despite those limitations, 7-Eleven’s global reach and ubiquitous presence in cities of all sizes means on-demand booze delivery could become a viable option for many. Cheers to that.

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