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7 Recipes to Give Your Thanksgiving An Italian Kick

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Your Thanksgiving meal is tired, unchanged, and uninspired. Sure, that’s part of the tradition: The first Thanksgiving, after all, was dedicated to the fact that the pilgrims had food to eat at all. But why let that stop you from trying something different? Our vote would be to look to Italy for inspiration, a country that does giant communal meals better than any.

The first thing Italians would do with the traditional American feast is take a “less is more” approach. There’s far too many plates passed for optimal enjoyment on any given Thanksgiving. The approach to the plates being served can be simplified as well, creating an overall easier experience for the hosts and a more satisfying one for all the palates gathered around the table. Here is your pared-down, tasty Italian perspective on our favorite food holiday (all recipes based on serving 12).