A Better Bitters Cocktail

Mj 618_348_a better bitters cocktail

Bitters are back, and if you ask us, that’s some pretty sweet news. Originally used as a stomach tonic, bitters made the leap to recreational beverages a couple of centuries ago when tipplers realized that just a few drops made a merely potable liquor instantly more entertaining. Then came Prohibition, and the end of fun (or was it the beginning?), and soon bitters all but disappeared as a standard mixer. Thanks to the cocktail revival of late, though, small-batch producers have begun ginning up an array of high-quality bitters. (They’re made by infusing sharp-tasting roots and barks, along with spices, citrus peels, and other exotica, in alcohol.) Wonder if they really make a difference? Mix up two Waldorf cocktails – demonstrated in the video above by mixologist Jonathan Pogash – add bitters to one, taste them both, and we’re certain you’ll never go back.

• 1 tsp absinthe
• 1-1/4 oz rye whiskey
• 1-1/4 oz sweet vermouth
• Dash of Boker’s Bitters
• Dash of Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters

Use teaspoon of absinthe to coat inside of serving glass, and pour out remainder. Combine other ingredients and then add cubed ice in a mixing glass and stir for precisely 18 seconds. Then strain into absinthe-rinsed glass. Twist long wedge of lemon peel over drink, then rub it over rim and drop it into cocktail. Serve immediately.

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