A Boozy Strawberries and (Ice) Cream

Ian Walton / Getty Images

Tennis, Pimm’s Cup, and fruity desserts – that’s what Wimbledon does. Indeed, the oldest tennis tournament in the word will this week serve up about 2 million strawberries with 1,820 gallons of cream when doling out its signature dish.

Why the alliance between tennis, strawberries, and glorious milk fat? Why not something more typically “English,” like tea, scones, and soccer hooliganism? Turns out fruity dessert’s presence is mostly due to the strawberry season coinciding with the famed tournament; England has a lot of fresh strawberries in June (as does much of the Northern Hemisphere). Either way, we like it. There’s just something about the dish that elevates the art of serious tennis watching to a level beyond relaxing.

Yet strawberries and cream – as with many things in life – is a dish that’s elevated by a glug or two of booze. Which is why Davina Soondrum, head pastry chef at Fitler Dining Room, and Pub & Kitchen, both in Philadelphia, replaces the cream with vanilla ice cream, and adds a healthy pour of strawberry-infused bourbon over the dish for good measure. “Ice cream, fresh fruit, and bourbon make the world go round,” she says. “This dish is so delicious, yet it’s so easy to make that even my boyfriend – who’s a talented chef but a disaster with desserts – can make it. That means that any gent can.”

Infuse your favorite bourbon, and then whip up this delicious treat while you take in some tennis. We promise the whole experience to be far better than Rafa’s showing at this year’s Wimbledon.

Ingredients for the bourbon
• 750 milliliters of your favorite bourbon (No need to break the bank. Jim Beam works).
• One pound of strawberries.

Ingredients for the dessert
• Vanilla ice cream (Haagen Dazs is preferable).
• 5-10 strawberries cut into 4ths.
• Eight ounces of hot chocolate (optional).

Infuse the bourbon
Step One: Pour the bourbon into a wide mouth jar with a tight fitting lid.
Step Two: Cut the tops off of the strawberries, add them to the jar, then put the lid on the jar.
Step Three: Store the jar in a cool, dark cupboard. Shake it every day, letting the bourbon infuse for up to a week.
Step Four: Strain the berries from the bourbon.
Step Five: Pour the bourbon back into its original bottle (carefully), and refrigerate it.

Make the dessert
Step One: Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a bowl or large mug.
Step Two: Cut 5-10 strawberries into fourths, and place them over the ice cream.
Step Three: Pour 2-3 ounces of the strawberry bourbon over the top.
Step Four (optional): For a warm, chocolaty kick, add up to 4 ounces of hot chocolate to the top of the ice cream (we recommend this).
Step Five: Eat. Watch tennis. Be awesome.

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