A Bottled Manhattan You Can Drink on the Street

Mj 618_348_a bottled manhattan you can drink on the street

One of the newest trends in the mixology world is the bottled cocktail. At Michigan’s Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina, the concept of crafting a cocktail and bottling it for later enjoyment is taken to a new level. Mixologist Dave Porcaro suggests foregoing the usual wine and pairing your meal with one of his bottled cocktails. “Something tasty that you can just open and hand to a guest screams consistency and speed of service,” says Porcaro. “It seemed to come off a little less stuffy to me, especially for drinks you can whip up in pretty short order.”

He wanted to create a drink that worked with the medium while keeping the purity of the base cocktail intact. His most notable creation is his take on the classic Manhattan, the “Fancy Hobo In Manhattan.”

“In the case of the Manhattan, the aromatic garnish of orange and cherry contribute a lot to the overall sensory perception of the final cocktail,” he explains. “Thus an idea was born.” Sipping a Manhattan in a bottle out of an aromatized paper bag seemed like the perfect way to imbibe a bottled cocktail. Because it’s made ahead of time, the cocktail pairs well with swiftly delivered cheese platters.

Fancy Hobo In Manhattan


  • 2.25 oz. Redemption High Rye Bourbon
  • 1 oz Michigan Tart cherry infused contratto vermouth rosso
  • 12 drops each house made aromatic bitters and angostura

Stir, bottle, cap, and store in a refrigerater. Serve perfectly chilled in a 187 ml Champagne Split. Sipped from a Small Orange and Cherry Essence Aromatized Paper Bag. Aromatize with orange and cherry tincture just before serving

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