A Florida Brewery is Trying to Combat White Nationalism With Free Beer


As tensions mount ahead of a scheduled speech at the University of Florida by prominent member of the “alt-right” Richard Spencer, a local brewery has announced plans to sabotage the event the best way it can: free beer.

According to the Miami Herald, volunteers from Spencer’s organization, The National Policy Institute (a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Center) intends to hand out 800 tickets in person ahead of the speech.

Alligator Brewing, which has a tap room just east of campus, says anyone who brings in two tickets for the speech will receive a brew at no cost.

“Those tickets and reserve spots will be disposed of, leaving two more empty seats in the Phillips Center,” the post from the brewery says.

The Herald reports that Spencer is aware of the plan, and intends to get around any methods to empty the auditorium. Still, the brewery’s post has received wide praise and thousands of likes and re-tweets.

Earlier this week, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on Monday, calling for tightened security measures.