A Brief History of the Irish Coffee

The Irish Coffee drink has become as classic as whiskey itself. For a traditional Irish Coffee, you need stout syrup, whisky (of course), coffee, cream, and some nutmeg to really get the perfect combination of flavor, according to Teeling Whiskey.

In Ireland, there’s a little bit of a debate about who exactly came up with the name of the drink, but at the end of the day, it’s a staple of the whiskey family.

One story about the origins of Irish Coffee comes from a man named Michael Nugent, who was a mixologist at a hotel in Dublin. Nugent had a client that wanted a drink that heated him up from the cold weather outside, but that also took the edge off a bit—and thus, an Irish Coffee was born, according to the whiskey experts at Teeling.

Now, while you can add your own flourishes to your Irish Coffee, if you want to get the real thing, stick with those classic ingredients put together by Teeling—you can’t go wrong.

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