AB Inbev Snaps Up Another Craft Brewery With Australia’s Pirate Life

Image via Pirate Life

AB Inbev, the world’s largest beer company, has gone down under.

The beverage giant has purchased Australian brewery Pirate Life, to add to its double digit roster of once independent craft companies. The brewery is smaller than the likes of other Inbev buys such as Goose Island upon point of purchase, as it was only launched in 2015, but has seen quick growth, according to a release announcing the new partnership. 

The purchase will bring Pirate Life a new brewery in South Australia as the company has outgrown its current digs. The original brewery will now be used for the company to focus on new brews like sours and barrel-aged beers. The PL owners are naturally stoked about the expansion of their young company. 


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“Looking back at what we set out to do when we started in 2015, we aimed ‘to be an exciting and challenging new company brewing internationally recognised beer that excites and challenges the lifestyles and palates of beer drinkers globally.’ Continuing with this philosophy, our new partnership helps us take our dream to a level we could never imagine and push ourselves and our beers further,” Pirate Life co-founder Jack Cameron said.

With the new marriage of massive AB Inbev and once tiny Aussie brewery, American beer buds will soon enough be tasting what Pirate Life has to offer.

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