Air Force Bans Greek Yogurt Containing Hemp Seeds


There’s a reason why nutrition experts (Men’s Fitness included) wax poetic about Greek yogurt and hemp seeds—the former packs twice the protein as regular yogurt, while the latter is chock full of essential amino acids. But the combination of superfoods has caused quite a stir with the Air Force, which had recently banned consumption of Chobani Blueberry Power Flip yogurt, prompting the Greek yogurt company to announce that it’ll be removing hemp from that flavor. (Blueberry Power Flip comes with a side of walnuts, chia and hemp seeds meant to be “flipped” into the Greek yogurt.)

So why is the Air Force not high on hemp? According to the service academy, hemp seeds have the potential to affect drug testing results. They contain trace amounts of THC, an active ingredient of marijuana. In an emailed statement to Men’s Fitness, Chobani spokesperson Amy Juaristi says: “Recently, we’ve heard some concerns from the military community about Chobani products containing hemp seeds, and want to set the record straight. Except for Blueberry Power Chobani Flip, no Chobani product contains hemp seeds. However, we’re committed to giving our fans what they want and are in the process of removing this ingredient from our Blueberry Power Chobani Flip. We greatly respect our armed forces and take pride in serving our troops.”

Chobani also told the Air Force Times that Blueberry Power Flip contains 1/20th the amount of THC that someone would need to consume to exceed the federal limit. In other words, blaming a failed workplace drug test on hemp seeds would likely carry as much weight as a homework-eating dog.