All-Bar Diet: Day 1

All-Bar Diet: Day 1

I typically have breakfast at 6:30 AM, but for the All-Bar Diet I waited until I got into the office to eat so we could record it. With nothing in my stomach, I had the first nutrition bar of my life at 10 AM.

Kashi TLC (Dark Mocha Almond)

I like the taste of coffee, but I rarely drink it so this was pretty good. A bit on the dry side, but I prefer that to the mushier bars that lack texture.

This was a good basic bar, but a departure from my usual morning staples like tuna sandwiches, eggs or oatmeal. Obviously, my meals tend to be more savory, which made starting my day with something sweet—even something with only five grams of sugar—something of a chore. By lunchtime, I was on to my second bar.

Clif Mojo (Peanut Butter Pretzel)

At this point, all of the sugar I was consuming started to make me a little jittery. I imagine this bar being great for someone on the trail, but if you’re gonna be stationary for a while, you might not want something this sweet. It definitely tastes good, though.     The bars comprising my diet are dense—which they’re supposed to be. They’re packed with things ranging from dietary fiber to protein and other nutrients, which can make them hard to eat when you’re used to downing whole-food sources like chicken and brown rice. After my third bar, I was starting to crash.  



Power Crunch (Triple Chocolate)

This is easily my favorite bar thus far. It isn’t as high in protein (13g) as some of the others, but I could eat these all day. They’re wafers, so the denser protein layers are broken up. From a taste standpoint, it was just like a Kit-Kat bar. Maybe better, actually.   Still, my body couldn’t handle all of the sugar and I was losing focus quickly. I was eating one more bar just to sustain my high. As good as nutrition bars are for a spot fix, making them the whole of my diet is already starting to take a toll; by the time I got home from work I had developed a migraine and began feeling overheated. I normally don’t sweat, but I could feel beads forming on my brow. So I started working out to burn off the excess sugar. But after a few sets, I started actually having chest pains. I was noticeably weaker. By night, I figured it would be best to let the sugar wear off than to have another bar, but I was still hungry so I picked up what would be my final bar of Day 1.

Promax LS (Peanut Butter Chocolate)

Despite being low in sugar (9g), it actually tasted the sweetest to me. It’s also got a thick, fudgy center, so some crunch might have helped from a texture standpoint. It provided the most protein (18g) of the bars I ate, though.

And that’s all I could put down. My total nutrition for Day 1: 770 calories/ 46g protein/ 29g sugar. I was almost 2,000 calories and 100g of protein short of my ordinary daily intake, but I’m still getting used to the diet. These bars all tasted good, but I tend to avoid dairy and sugar in my diet, so the constant ingestion of sweetness hasn’t been easy. If I don’t hit my mark of 11 bars per day soon, pray for Sunil. Follow my progress on Twitter @GreatWriteHope

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