Alton Brown Announces ‘Good Eats’ Sequel On Its Way

After five years off the air, Alton Brown’s Good Eats is finally getting its sequel. Brown announced this weekend during a panel at Atlanta’s DragonCon that one of the greatest cooking shows of all time will have a sequel in 2018, and it will be called Return of the Eats.

This announcement didn’t come out of nowhere. In fact, Brown teased a return of something like Good Eats earlier this year during a Facebook Live chat with viewers. At the time, though, it was unclear how close to the original show the sequel would be — a factor that can be measured by how many puppets and nutritional anthropologists Brown brings on.

Since Good Eats went off the air in 2012, Food Network has lacked a certain educational element that managed to balance out its programming. Plenty of shows teach you how to cook, sure, but no one has or will ever be better at explaining how cooking works than Alton Brown.

Since Food Network hosted the show for most of its 250-some episodes, we know that we’ll likely be seeing a lot of the same puppets, themes, and style choices again, which will undoubtedly make the superfans happy. We also know that, while the show will appear in a typical cable format, we’ll be seeing lots of “extras” go up online.

What we don’t know is the exact release date, beyond “next year” at some point, or if the show will be shot in Brown’s home town and original filming location of Atlanta.

An added bonus: Brown starts each new season with a new watch selection, so we’ll be keeping an eye on his wrist whenever Return of the Eats appears in 2018.