Amazon Is Now Offering Cookie Subscriptions to People Who Really Love Oreos

 Image via Richard Levine / Corbis / Getty Images

Never again will you have to put on pesky pants and trek to the store to get a few more sleeves of Oreos. Amazon is now offering three different tiers of monthly subscriptions to America’s favorite cookie.

Cookie monsters can get three-month ($60), six-month ($120), or full year ($240) hookups with each specialty box valued around $20, according to Delish. That seems a bit steep for some Oreos, but Amazon will also be throwing in two packs of Oreo of different flavors, a “one-of-a-kind Oreo inspired gift,” and a recipe card. If you’re giving the boxes as a gift, you also have a special messages included for the lucky recipient. It might not help whoever you’re giving it to stick to their resolutions, but it’s a surefire way to satisfy a year’s worth of late-night cookie cravings.