American Rye Whiskey Volume Has Skyrocketed 778%

 Photographer: Cayce Clifford/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Americans are pounding rye whiskey.

According to a Drinks Business post, supplier revenue sat at $15 million in 2009, and by 2016 it had jumped to nearly $160 million. The US Industry body is also predicting that the growth will continue in double digit style for 2017. 

Distilled Spirits Council president and CEO, Kraig R. Naasz commented on the drastic rise, saying “American rye whiskey is retaking its rightful place among the world’s great distilled spirits, a place that was lost to Prohibition.” He went on to say how this growth has also benefitted the American farmer as they are relied on for more ingredients as demand rises. 

All this bonus rye has caused the Distilled Spirits Council to request a “new export code for exports of bottled rye whiskey to reflect the growth in the category.” This will let the US track rye exports the same way it does bourbon. 

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