Amy Schumer Spoofs Beer Ads for Men

Comedian Amy Schumer thinks she knows what men want: beer and sex. In her latest parody, Schumer spoofs a beer commercial that puts the two together in a very literal way. It's Schumer's way of heckling men about their relationship with a cold drink after a long day. Because sometimes, that's all you want.

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In the commercial, Schumer approaches a man who has just been served his frosty brew, thinking that he had eyes for her from across the bar. After realizing that he wasn't flirting with her, she asks him if he's into his beer, stating, "I'm sorry, you just seem turned on by it." He responds with, "Oh, you thought I was looking at you…" Laughing, his wingman adds, "But you're not a beer." Watch Schumer's hilarious reaction in the video above.

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