An Easy Trick for Kicking After-Dinner Cravings

An Easy Trick for Kicking After-Dinner Cravings

How can I resist the unhealthy snacks I crave after dinner?

Matt B., Kansas City, MO

Try to short-circuit whatever’s causing 
the craving. Most of us have triggers: watching TV, feeling lonely, stress. If you’re fiending for dessert after dinner, do something different after you eat. It doesn’t matter what it is, only that it’s different from what you normally do. It also helps to have some craving-satisfiers to turn to that won’t ruin your night: I like a banana dipped in chocolate for something tasty that makes me feel like I indulged. Another trick: After dinner, brush your teeth with strong peppermint-flavored toothpaste.

Ian Smith, M.D., is a sports medicine specialist and the author of Shred: The Revolutionary Diet. E-mail your questions to him at [email protected].

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