The Answer to Your Late-Night Benders: Hangover-Free Alcohol

The Answer to Your Late-Night Benders: Hangover-Free Alcohol

North Korean scientists says they have devised liquor that, despite being 30-40% alcohol, will spare you the headache of a hangover, the BBC reports.

No confirmation on whether the alcohol—named Koryo Liquor—will hold up to its lofty claims, if it’ll be available for purchase in the States, or if it’s mildly enjoyable to imbibe in, but we do know a little about its origin.  

CNN reports: “According to state-run newspaper Pyongyang Times, this ‘suave’ liquor is made from ginseng extract, and uses glutinous rice instead of sugar. This secret blend of six-year-old ginseng and ‘scorched rice,’ produced by Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory researchers, is what makes the alcohol hangover-free.”

The ginseng, indigenously called Kaesong Koryo insam, is said to have strong medicinal properties. And by replacing sugar with the scorched rice, not only is the bitterness from the insam (ginseng) reduced, so are the symptoms of a hangover.

We’ll see what becomes of the amber-colored liquor. And if men and women hell-bent on putting the liquor to the test really can get away with a night-full of drinking without spending their subsequent day paying for it.

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