Appreciate the Serve

Appreciate the Serve

Late-night ragers are a distant memory.

Aggressively throwing back more drinks than anyone else in the room doesn’t make you a champ anymore, it makes you more like an alcoholic. And for God’s sake, hopefully you’ve already realized how irrelevant your well-honed beer pong skills have become. 

But don’t fret because better days and more specifically, better beers, are on the horizon. In college, you were poor and immature, and so was everyone else, so you sprung for the cheapest 30-pack of beer you could get. But nice beers generally don’t come in packs of 30 – this isn’t amateur hour anymore. Get some good beer and take the time to appreciate the aroma, ingredients and complex flavors of it — as opposed to shotgunning.

There are many beers with which you can change your ways, but a more advanced, seriously traditional choice would be one our new favorites — an Affligem Belgium Abbey Beer. Brewed by monks since the 1000s. (Whoa, that’s back-in-the-day) It’s a smooth blonde ale with notes of citrus and spice, along with some refreshing bitterness on the finish. If you pour one for your friends according to their special instructions without messing up, you’ll look like a man who knows beer intimately.

Pour the beer into a chalice (yes, a chalice) high and slowly until about 10 percent of it remains in the bottle, then swish it around and pour the flavorful remains into a smaller glass. This is for the drinker to appreciate the “intense flavors of the soul of the beer,” according to Affligem. If you can execute all that and explain why you’re doing it, you’ll no longer be a guy drinking beer, but a grown-ass man drinking beer… And a hell of a better party host with some cool talking points.

Plus, it’s 6.8% ABV, so it’ll get the job done. But don’t say that – you’re not in college anymore.