Are You Eating “Woody Breast” Grilled Chicken?


In our quest for fuller, bigger breasts—chicken breasts, that is—we’ve come across an unusual problem, the Wall Street Journal reports

The broiler chickens we’re raising to grow faster, meatier, and bigger overall are developing a muscle condition rendering their meat harder to chew—likely because of the development of fibrous tissue thanks hastened process. The condition is called “woody breast.” And while it’s not dangerous for our health, per se, the texture and taste is anything but favorable. 

“It is more hard, and also more elastic, so you have to put more energy in to chew on this kind of meat,” Massimiliano Petracci, a food scientist at Italy’s University of Bologna told the WSJ. He says about five to 10 percent of boneless breast fillets are affected worldwide. 

To see how this can affect big house poultry processors—and your own diet—read the full story at Wall Street Journal. 

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