Arizona and Marvel Have Teamed up to Fuel You at The Gym With Super LXR Hero Hydration

Super LXR Hero Hydration 12 Pack

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When you head on out to the gym, you need to be properly fueled up. Filled with the proper nutrients and energy to make sure you hit the gym with the proper verve so you can get the best results. And to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Arizona has teamed up with Marvel to gift the world the Super LXR Hero Hydration 12 Pack.

For 30 years, Arizona has known how to make a drink that absolutely satisfies the taste buds. And these days, there is no titan in the entertainment industry that can measure up to what Marvel is doing. So with the Super LXR Hero Hydration 12 Pack, you can get a flavored workout drink that matches up to a Marvel hero to fuel you up just right.

Super LXR Hero Hydration 12 Pack

With the Super LXR Hero Hydration 12 Pack coming out, you can choose from 4 different flavors to quench your thirst while giving your body all the goodies it needs to function at a high level. Those flavors being Peach Mango (Black Panther), Citrus Lemon Lime (The Incredible Hulk), Acai Blueberry (Captain America), and Dragon Fruit Watermelon (Iron Man).

All these drinks just explode in your mouth. But most importantly is what’s in there beyond the flavor. In each 16oz bottle, you get only 25 calories and 2g of sugar. Going deeper than that to help you focus during a workout and recover afterward is a plethora of antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Such goodies like vitamins A, C, E, and multiple B vitamins as well as Green Tea extract and polyphenols & EGCG, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, and alpha GPC.

With all of that packed into each bottle of the Super LXR Hero Hydration 12 Pack as well as the superheroic taste, you will have no trouble fueling up before your daily workout routine. Newly available and sure to expand with more flavors over time, Arizona has teamed up with Marvel to knock it out of the park yet again.

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