Ask Men’s Fitness: Does the Container Actually Affect Beer Taste?

Beer container glass main

“Does the container—can, bottle, glass—affect the taste of beer, or is that bullshit?” —Luke W., Redmond, CA

It’s not bullshit at all, says beer expert and editorial director of Christian DeBenedetti. Cans are actually very good for taste.

“Oxygen and light are the real cold-blooded beer killers, and cans offer good protection,” he says.

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Glass, however, is another story. “Brown glass is the only one that filters out skunk-ifying UV rays, so steer clear of clear-and green-glass bottles.”

At home, DeBenedetti encourages using an unchilled glass, and serving the beer at the approximate temperature at which it was fermented (50–55° for ales like IPA; 40-ish for lagers, like pilsner).

“Smell is an integral component of flavor,” he says. “And drinking beer from a glass—with your nose right over it—is simply tastier.”

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