Ask Men’s Fitness: How Do I Eat Healthy in an Airport?

Ask Men’s Fitness: How Do I Eat Healthy in an Airport?

I hate eating in airports. It’s all fast food and bland premade sandwiches. Do you have any tips for getting a good, healthy meal on the go? —Henry O., Dallas, TX

Airports may never be a mecca of healthy eating, but they’re getting better. According to the 2013 Airport Food Review by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, 76% of restaurants at major U.S. airports offer at least one low-fat, high-fiber, healthy option. That’s up from just 57% in 2001.

Your odds are best at Denver International, where 86% of restaurants offer plant-based menu items, or at either Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County or Chicago O’Hare International airports, which tied for second with 85% of restaurants offering healthy fare.

Susan Levin, R.D., the Committee’s nutrition ed director, says her favorite airport food is a black bean burrito bowl. “It’s an easy grab,” she says. “Just pile on the veggies, add spices, and skip the cheese.”

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