Barcade and Sly Fox Brewing Make a ‘Boogie Nights’ Beer Because, Why Not?

Sly Fox Brewing

Sly Fox Brewing announced this week that it will debut a collaboration beer with Barcade, a national bar and arcade chain, on April 6.


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Dubbed “Chest Bockwell,” named for a pseudonym of John C. Reilly’s character in Boogie Nights, the chestnut beer is a unique take on the German-style dunkel bock, incorporating the unusual ingredient in an otherwise traditional dunkel bock recipe of Vienna, Munich, caramel, and Bavarian roasted malts.

The collaboration is the latest in Barcade’s series of one-off collaboration beers with various breweries, which have included Shmaltz Pastrami Pils, Captain Lawrence Simpsons Did It! IPA, Smuttynose Coily, and Greenport Harbor Goth Logger. Since the series began in 2010, each of the small-batch beers has been available for a limited time at Barcade locations.

“We’re very happy to announce this collaborative beer, Chest Bockwell,” said Paul Kermizian, Barcade president and CEO. “We have been great fans of Sly Fox for years, and have been talking about working on an exclusive with them for some time. We really enjoy traditional German-style lagers, but also beers with unusual ingredients. Here, we balanced those conflicting interests and developed a truly flavorful beer.”

According to Sly Fox brewmaster Brian O’Reilly, about 10 people in total participated in the brew, which was made at the Sly Fox location in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on February 8. Participants included Sly Fox staff and managers from various Barcade locations, he said.

“Barcade has been a champion of craft beer for more than a decade, way before craft beer was cool, and brewing a beer for them is an honor,” O’Reilly said. “When we started discussing the brew with the group, the idea of a Chestnut Bock stuck out to me. It was a challenge bringing an unusual ingredient like chestnuts into such a traditional style, and I am proud to say we pulled it off. The chestnut flour really added an interesting depth to this malt-forward beer in a balanced and delicious way.”

O’Reilly also told Men’s Journal that Chest Bockwell, although brewed at Sly Fox after years of planning to brew a beer together, was largely the result of Barcade’s “flair” and sense of humor.

“I’ve known Paul for quite a while, and it’s been at least six years since we talked about brewing a beer,” he said. “They certainly have their own kind of flair to things, and the name [Chest Bockwell] reflects that.”

Barcade and Sly Fox will release Chest Bockwell on Thursday, April 6 at 3 p.m. at the Fishtown, Philadelphia Barcade location. Following its initial debut, the beer will become available at Barcade locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey City, and New Haven, over the course of the next month. At the Philadelphia launch, Sly Fox will also pour their 360 IPA, Helles Lager, Ichor, Odyssey, O’Reilly Stout, Phoenix Pale Ale, Pikeland Pils, Royal Weisse, Route 113 IPA, and Saison VOS.


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