Beans, Beans Don’t Make You Fart


There’s no doubt beans of all types fit into a balanced, healthy diet for its richness in disease fighting antioxidants. But we’ve all heard the old rhyme, beans, beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat them, the more you fart…

But fear not—in a recent study in the Nutrition Journal, less than 50% of participants experienced increased bodily gas bombs and only 19% experienced an increase after specifically consuming black eyed peas. The study also discovered that the increase in gas ultimately declined after each consecutive week.

Researchers conducted three separate studies on the effects of participants that consumed a half cup of beans per day for eight to 12 weeks. Each week, the participants were questioned on fart frequency, changes in poop and bloating. The first study compared pinto beans, black eyed peas and carrots as a control group. The second assessed baked beans versus a carrot control group. Meanwhile, the third placed pinto beans and black eyed beans against soup as a control group.

Based on the findings, the study concluded that people’s concerns about eating beans and experiencing increased flatulence may be exaggerated. Fiber, the culprit of most gastrointestinal discomforts is naturally high in many plant foods, including beans, but beans didn’t specifically cause more gastronomical distress than other plant foods.

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