Here’s How to Beat the New Year’s Day Hangover

Here’s How to Beat the New Year’s Day Hangover

Studies in the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol have shown that ingesting vitamin B6 prior to alcohol consumption can decrease hangover-like symptoms the next morning. Supplements containing B6 are plentiful at any sports nutrition store, in a variety of blends. Also, make sure you’re well hydrated—your body needs water to break down alcohol, and starting the night dry will spell bad news for the morning after.

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You’re making your liver work extra hard when you drink alcohol; some smart snacking could help. Anything with chlorophyll in it can help detoxify your system and boost your liver function by more than 90%, according to research out of Japan. How to get chlorophyll? Green, leafy veggies (sorry). Another option—try an Asian pear, which can help flush alcohol out of your system and reduce inflammation.

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Still feeling a queasy the next morning? Your natural reaction is to starve it and dry it out, right? Don’t. Make unsweetened tea and add some ginger—it reduces nausea by 40% in chemo patients, according to a study at the University of Rochester Medical Center. If tea isn’t your thing, try a ginger supplement or ginger chews.

Another option: Reach for electrolyte-rich beverages like Pedialyte or coconut water. The extra nutrients will help hydrate your wretched body faster than plain old water, and the slight taste will help it go down easier.

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