Campfire Whiskey Just Got Better With These Totable Bottles (Some Are Made of Paper and Plastic)

Compass Box: Malt Whisky Collection
The best camp bevs carry well. Some may double as kindling. Courtesy Image

Few are the simple pleasures greater than passing a bottle of whiskey around a campfire. But who wants to lug a heavy hunk of glass up the trail and back?

The key to these bold bottles is portability, along with taste that’ll brighten the flames.

The Best Bottles of Campfire Whiskey Worth Stashing in Your Pack

1. Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection

Known for its think-out-of-the-barrel approach to blended malt whisky, Compass Box has gained a cult fan base. Ditch the designer cardboard and this trio of signature 50ml minis easily stuffs into a backpack side pocket. Its three blends include The Peat Monster (smoke) and The Spice Tree (toasted oak).


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Johnnie Walker Black Label: The Paper Bottle
Johnnie Walker Black Label: The Paper Bottle Courtesy Image

2. Johnnie Walker Black Label Paper Bottle

“The Johnnie Walker paper-based bottle will change spirits packaging forever,” proclaim the makers of the world’s most popular blended Scotch whisky. Its first-ever plastic-free, sustainably sourced, food-safe, wood pulp-based booze receptacle is set for a limited-release Black Label debut later this year. Renewable, recyclable, 75 percent lighter than glass, the burning question is: Can a brilliant paper-based bottle of 12-year-aged Scotch do double duty as a hollow log?

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Oak & Eden: The Forrie J. Smith Bottle
Oak & Eden: The Forrie J. Smith Bottle Chris Douglas

3. Oak & Eden The Forrie J. Smith Bottle

You can name any old pastrami sandwich after a Hollywood star. Not so with whiskey. Oak & Eden’s Anthro Series doesn’t just stick a famous name on its lineup of canoe-friendly bottles; it has the honoree collaborate on its creation. The 116-proof bourbon co-crafted by cowboy, stuntman and actor Forrie J. Smith (you know him as Lloyd Pierce of Yellowstone) is finished with a hunk of seasoned oak in the bottle and infused with cold-brew coffee.


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Wild Turkey 101: The Plastic Bottle
Wild Turkey 101: The Plastic Bottle Courtesy Imagee

4. Wild Turkey 101 Plastic Bottle

Bourbon in plastic? Dispensing with packaging snobbery means not having to shoulder 750ml glass anvils into the wild. With its iconic one-up inspires outlandish tasting notes by whiskey experts (e.g., “cigar-box sweetness”). Among the first serious whiskeys to tread into lightweight plastic packaging in everything from 375ml “travel packs” to 750ml bottles to 1.75 liter handles, the kickin’ chicken hasn’t lost an ounce of true grit.

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