The Best Boxed Wine of Summer 2016


“I barbecue a lot, and soon I’ll be tailgating. I’d like to serve boxed wine to save some $$. Is that tacky?” – Adam B., Norfolk, VA

We’ve been wondering the same thing, so we asked Jeffrey Schiller, author of the clever, very helpful book Wine Hack, to weigh in:

“For a rehearsal dinner, yes, it’s tacky,” Schiller says. “But for a BBQ or tailgate, it’s a great way to cut costs and make things easy on yourself—no opener needed, no threat of broken glass.”

Most important, boxes deliver value, Schiller adds. “The costs of bottling and shipping wines definitely get passed on to drinkers, so you save that with boxed wines.

“The challenge is: Does everyone like the same wine? If you buy a 3L (4-bottle) box of Shiraz but everyone likes whites or Pinot Noirs, you’ve wasted more money than if you’d bought bottles.” But if it’s a low-maintenance crowd, he says, “poke a whole in a box and relax.”

Schiller’s top options in the boxed wine category, below.

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