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Best CBD Drinks You Can Buy to Stay Cool, Calm, and Hydrated

Looking to wind down after a long day? Crack open a cold one. No, not that cold one. These New Age bevs elicit tranquility with adaptogens and CBD, THC’s chill cousin that lends relaxing qualities without the high. That’s due to hemp oil, which has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Though pricey, these cure-alls in a can provide “benefits for anxiety and more diffuse relief all over your body,” says Janice Bissex, R.D.N., holistic cannabis practitioner at Jannabis Wellness. “Plus, drinks are convenient, fun and a good alternative if you avoid alcohol.” Check for purity and quality from the brand’s certificate of analysis, done by a third party. Isolate is the purest form of CBD, but broad- and full-spectrum hemp extract contain other compounds that may bump up benefits. Choose drinks without artificial flavors and no more than 5 g sugar.


The brand’s CBD bevs boast 25 mg hemp extract from CBD isolate for potency and lack of weed-y aftertaste. Fresh-squeezed juice and wild herbs get your taste buds buzzing with flavors like Peach Ginger, Strawberry Lavender and Blueberry Mint. They’ve got depth at just 40 calories (or less) and 4 to 10 g sugar. Its Sparkling Adaptogenic Drinks (above) ease anxiety with mood-stabilizing ashwagandha, L-theanine and rhodiola.

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Mad Tasty

Broad-spectrum hemp extract (20 mg) is turned into a water-soluble solution to ensure even dosing and greater absorption to achieve harmony against external aggravators, resulting in enhanced mood, sharper inflammatory response and better sleep. Hemp extract can be bitter, but Yuzu Citrus—a refreshing blend of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin—balances its earthiness. Each can has up to 15 calories and no added sugar.

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If you don’t want to drink anything reminiscent of Skittles, these zero-calorie (and sugar!) sparkling waters have 25 mg CBD, plus adaptogenic herbs, roots and flowers. Citrusy fresh Lemongrass and slightly spicy Gingergrass are stimulating blends said to sharpen concentration and lift brain fog while unfurling tension and anxiety. By day’s end, your body will have that delicious leadenness, and you’ll be primed for sleep.

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Your performance is only as good as your recovery, and this sparkling sport beverage is loaded with 35 mg CBD from organic, full-spectrum hemp, electrolytes, amino acids, collagen and coconut water.
Ingredients work in tandem to boost blood flow, replenish hydration, support joints and help combat
exercise-induced tissue damage after a thrashing on the road. Sweet but refreshing, Berry Hibiscus has 15 calories and no added sugar.

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While it has less CBD than some other options (10 mg broad-spectrum hemp), it utilizes American ginseng, L-theanine and lemon balm to dial down stress and encourage whole-body equilibrium. What’s that feel like? Rather than an anxious buzz, you’ll have a steady stream of productive energy—a suitable coffee swap. Blood Orange, Coconut Lime and Pomegranate Hibiscus flavors have 20 calories and 4 g sugar.

[$40, 8-pack;]

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