Best Delta 8 Gummies to Buy in 2023


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Best Delta 8 Gummies to Try in 2023

Picture it now: You’re out minding your business in a non-recreationally legal state. You have your dispensary vape and you’re happily walking along when disaster strikes: you drop it and it breaks. And to make it worse, no dispensaries will take your out of state med cards. If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve been here. I feel it’s a complete rite of passage, but it’s not a fun one. Don’t worry, there’s Delta 8 THC to the rescue.

There’s nothing quite like the sheer panic of losing access to your stash or cannabis of any kind.

The shock is one you’ll never forget. And neither is the question that will run through your head:

Where the heck am I going to get some more bud?

The sad thing is, in the majority of states, you’re going to have a difficult time if what you’re looking for is marijuana.

Of course, you can go and buy hemp derived CBD products over the counter, but let’s be real. Not even full-spectrum CBD products work for everyone. That’s why we’re using THC products. And we need a solid resolution for when we’re feeling stranded.

I will never forget the reason I was even inspired to write this article. The poor man that came into the dispensary that day and got turned away was painful to watch. Painful. Before he left, though, I made sure to catch him and let him know that Delta 8 THC is an option. I pointed him toward the smoke shop nearby. And now I’m here.

Never fear, there is an alternative that, while seemingly not best-case-scenario, will do more than get the job done. Or maybe you just want to try something new. It’s name is Delta 8 THC, and we’re about to talk about the best Delta 8 gummies out there to give you an insane high that’s almost the same as the real thing.


What is Delta 8 THC?

So, before we go into the best Delta 8 THC gummy strains, let’s talk about what Delta 8 THC is. I will never forget the first time I learned about Delta 8. I’d had a scenario very much like the one I mentioned in my introduction, which has also happened to me.

My vape broke and I needed a quick fix. I’m not sure what led me to the smoke shop, but I wound up talking to the clerk and almost begging for help. And that’s when he busted out the Delta 8 gummies.

“What is that?” I’d asked.

Which is when he’d replied, “these are the best Delta 8 gummies you will ever try”.

Of course, I was skeptical. It took quite a while for the clerk to explain what Delta 8 THC is. Maybe it’s embarrassing for me to admit, but I had no idea what Delta 8 THC was. You’re telling me there’s this magical compound that is almost exactly like the real deal. AND you can buy it just by walking into a smoke shop?


The basics of Delta-8

I could go into the real science of it all, but here’s what you need to know:

  • The scientific name for Delta 8 is delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • It’s a psychoactive compound that is legal on a federal level due to the definition of hemp
  • Derived from hemp plants

So what’s the catch?

While Delta 8 is shockingly similar to cannabis, the high is not the same. But, it’ll do. Trust me, it’ll do. Delta 8 THC is taking the cannabis market by storm and we’re going to buy us some Delta 8 THC cannabis products.

But first, we need to brush up on our stoner history.

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The History of Delta 8

Did you know that Delta 8 THC was first brought into the world all the way back in 1940? That’s insane, isn’t it? And it was the brilliant American chemist Roger Adams who accomplished the first ever known synthesis of Delta 8 THC. Dr. Adam’s even had an award named after himself from the American Chemical Society in 1959. “The Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry”.

But it was the “Big Boom” in 2018 when Trump legalized hemp through the farm bill that lead to Delta-8 THC hitting the market. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Why You Should Consume Your Delta-8 in Edible Form

Delta-8 THC, though not marijuana, can still cause psychoactive effects but for most, it’s not as intense. When smoking the traditional cannabis plant, you can be left with mind-fog and anxiety which isn’t great for when you need to concentrate. Delta 8 THC gummies, on the other hand, are released over time and are often described as causing much less paranoia and scatter-brain effects. It’s a more mild sensation, so you can continue on with your day and feel your best without worry. Delta 8 THC is also a great sleep aid.

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The Health Benefits of Using Delta-8 THC Gummies

I’m guessing the majority of us here aren’t new to smoking marijuana and experiencing the benefits. We all have a reason that brought us to the feet of the Green Lady. Still, it’s important to know what you’re getting into, and the benefits Delta-8 THC can provide. Besides giving yourself a euphoric, fun high that can improve your mood, there are many benefits to Delta-8 THC gummies.

Other benefits to using Delta-8 THC gummies

A few additional reasons people are talking about to take advantage of Delta 8 THC include:

  • Helps produce a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine which helps with memory, arousal, and cognition
  • Stimulates appetite and is used to soothe eating disorders
  • No negative side effects ( or few) when used to eliminate nausea in cancer patients
  • Pain relief
  • Soothe anxiety
  • Deliver complete relaxation
  • Less chance of psychoactive effects (or reduced psychoactive effects)
  • Hemp products are “guilt-free” (considered federally legal)
  • Consumers report a good night’s sleep
  • Improved sense of well being
  • Easy to find the perfect dose
  • Potent
  • Many users report reduced stress
  • Less obvious consumption
  • Low dose is possible
  • Edibles can be long lasting
  • Gummy texture is fun
  • No added chemicals
  • Recommend starting place for “newbies”

Who wouldn’t want to try Delta-8 for those reasons? Are you in? Good. Let’s start the competition, shall we?


The Best Delta-8 Gummies Choice #1: 3Chi

When the very stoned young gentleman busted out the Delta-8 gummies from behind the counter, it was this brand. And let me tell you, the Delta-8 gummies from 3Chi are the Cadillac of Delta-8 gummies. And at this point in my green journey, I’ve tried many.

I will admit, though, at first, I was skeptical. The young man had nodded like a wizened stoned sage as I questioned him:

“For the price, is this even going to get me high?”, and “does it feel the same?”

And while the young man didn’t lie to me, calling the Delta-8 THC “weed lite”, he did tell me it will do the job better than I imagine.

“Just take one and wait.”

Needless to say, thirty minutes after I got home I literally called the smoke shop to thank him. I recommend starting with these.

Highlights of 3Chi Delta-8 gummies

Some of the factors I noticed when trying these delicious gummies:

  • Fast-acting
  • Doesn’t taste like hemp
  • Very long lasting
  • Potent Delta 8 THC
  • Great taste
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Organic Delta 8 THC
  • 25mg of Delta 8 THC

Pros of 3Chi Delta 8 Gummies:

3Chi easily has the best edibles on the market but their gummy game is no joke. You can expect high quality with a great selection of flavors to choose from. They even have a whole Delta 9 gummy line with unique flavor options to choose from like blue raspberry and orange dreamsicle.

As for the kind of high you’ll get when taking 3Chi’s Delta 8 gummies. Well… I forgot where I was until I realized I was watching The Office on my couch. So, we can say that Delta 8 THC works. As for the sensation, it was a gentle, full body high. I felt as if I was in a warm bath, which is my favorite kind of high. Euphoric and soothing. I really recommend using these gummies right before doing something relaxing, like taking a shower or bath. The high isn’t intense enough for you to worry about drowning yourself like a turkey in the rain, but you will literally feel your skin relaxing over your whole body. Bye, stress. These are some glorious edibles.

Negatives of the 3chi Delta-8 gummies:

I have to admit, there is very little wrong with the 3chi Delta-8 gummies. The only flaw, in my opinion, is that hemp derived products like edibles are never going to be the same as the real deal. But that’s not 3chi’s fault. As for any faults from the company, I wish they made more of their delicious flavors. I also wish the body high was more intense rather than a head high.

And for only $19.99, 3chi gummies are easily some of the best Delta-8 gummies to hit the cannabis products market. My winning choice for the contest, no questions asked. Boom. I always recommend starting and ending with the strongest first. But we still have to talk about our Delta 8 honorable mentions, of course.


The Best Delta 8 Gummies Choice #2: Skyhio

While it absolutely deserves to be tied for top spot, Skyhio is gonna have to come in second to 3chi. This was the other option the young man behind the counter recommended. However, the Skyhio Delta 8 gummies weren’t in stock so he directed me to the website. I ordered vapes, some sauce for dabbing, and gummies. Of course, the Delta 8 gummies were premium and the winner for me. Here are some benefits I noticed from this particular brand:

The Delta 9 gummies are INSANE. One of the best brands on the market, and here’s why:

  • The price is ridiculously low for the quality
  • Long-lasting delta 8
  • Tasty
  • Organic
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Gentle body high
  • Less intense hemp flavor
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Makes Delta 8 consumption simple
  • Fun edibles design

Cons of the Skyhio Delta 8 THC gummies

So why does it get second place? Simply because of accessibility. At least at the smoke shops in my area, it’s not on the shelves. Which is not a fair assessment, but hey, it’s a competition for the Best Delta 8 gummies out there. The smallest thing can bump you down a rank. Which is my segue into talking about our next set of the best Delta 8 THC gummies edibles.

The kind of high you’ll get from Skyhio Delta 8 gummies:

I haven’t felt this euphoric in a long time. It’s a very relaxing, fun high. Giggly and gassy at first and it mellows out into a warm sensation. Super strong. Closest to actual marijuana. When I first tried these gummies, right out of the bag, the high was almost instant. Great potency, easy to find your intended dose. Faster than any of the other brands on the market, but fun, so be aware. I also loved the flavor.

When to use the Skyhio Delta 8 gummies:

I recommend using these delta 8 gummies when relaxing because it is more of a head high than usual. If you’re chilling on the couch playing video games or watching some Netflix, it’s very therapeutic. Also, these Delta 8 gummies made me want to clean like no one’s business. So, if you need to give your home a tidy, take a gummy, throw on some music, and have fun. I also really recommend these gummies if you have to study, as my focus increased tenfold. Awesome. Few other products can compete.


The Best Delta 8 Gummies Choice #3: Reefer’s Bay

Now, as I mentioned before, this is a very tight race for the best Delta-8 gummies. Every single choice here I have personally tried and would recommend ten-fold above all the others. But someone has got to come in last and first, even in the federally legal Olympics by a hair’s margin. And I guess we can consider this the Olympics of Delta 8 gummies. It’s intense. And sadly, Reefer’s Bay, while a super quality product, comes in third.

But why?

Pros of Reefer’s Bay Delta 8 gummies:

Before I talk about why I’ve ranked Reefer’s Bay as last, we’ll talk about all the amazing qualities, because there are many. Reefer’s Bay Delta 8 gummies are:

  • Awesome packaging
  • Fair price
  • Strawberry flavor is amazing
  • Great Delta 8 high
  • Delta 8 potency is great
  • Can get high off of a lower dose
  • Doesn’t taste like hemp
  • You can purchase other Delta 8 THC products
  • Excellent quality gummy
  • Quality cannabinoids
  • Nice body high
  • FDA approved cannabinoids

Cons of the Reefer Bay Delta 8 gummies:

So what could the cons be? There are few. I did not obtain these blessed Delta 8 edibles from the young smoke shop kid. I needed to order them online, so I took a point off for accessibility. However, the real downer, for me, was the lack of variety. They only come in one flavor and with strawberry being a very popular flavor for edibles, it would be nice to see some other options. They do have a solid selection of Delta 9 gummies, though, but we’ll save that for another conversation down the road.

But I want to note the hemp taste was slight and it really was an incredible product. And if you want to purchase a vape or even Delta 8 “sauce”, too, you can. Sweet, right?

The kind of high you’ll get:

A fast-acting but mellow high. The Delta 8 gummies are a form of “creepers”, so make sure to take a little and see how you feel in about thirty minutes to an hour. Even if you take a little too much, it’s typically a gentle high. Eating a little food can help take you down to your comfortable level, but it’s potent if you take a lot. So if you’re a person who gets nervous they’ll smoke too much, never fear. Gummies are easy to start in small doses and take a little more if needed. Very fun while watching movies. Delta 8 is fantastic for anxiety and focus, too, once you find your level! Safety first. I recommend this purchase. Great to create a nice mild high. Delta 8 offers more of a body high than a head high.

Reefers Bay

Final Product: Go out and purchase yourself the best Delta 8 gummies ever!

And that, friends, is my review of the best Delta 8 gummies out there, curated and tested for your pleasure. Consider it a service to the stoner world. Goodness knows none of us want to be stuck without our cannabis. And while nothing will ever beat the dream of total legalization, Delta-8 thc products are a great choice. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the best Delta 8 gummies out there. And who gave you the hook-up. Keep those good vibes moving forward.

The use of THC in any capacity may lead to health concerns and users should consult medical personnel before consumption.  Local and state laws for use and possession of THC vary by jurisdiction and should be reviewed before purchase.


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