Rich, Roasty Imperial Stouts to Sip This Winter

Great Divide Yeti
Crack open a Great Divide Yeti on a cold winter's night. Courtesy Image;Unsplash

Winter may not officially start for another month, but the time to begin savoring our favorite frigid weather beer, the imperial stout, officially begins now. Sure, we’re all for barleywines, porters, and strong ales around this time too. No offense either to regular stouts or those dry ones we’ll be visiting come early spring. But when push comes to suds, imperial stouts remain our top nominee as the perfect winter-weather beer.

Also known as the Russian imperial stout, this typically pitch-black beer is known for its dark, roasted malts, bold and robust flavors, and high alcohol content, which can push 15 percent. Originating back in the 1700s, the imperial stout got its name from its popular export destination at the time—brewed in England and shipped to Russia to be imbibed by the Imperial Court of Catherine the Great.

From classic, must-try Russian imperial stouts like Old Rasputin to lesser-known, barrel-aged standouts, here are ten rich, roasty, heartwarming imperial stouts we’d choose to sip on any cold, nearly-winter’s night.

Bottle of North Coast Old Rasputin imperial stout
North Coast Old Rasputin Courtesy Image

1. North Coast Old Rasputin

No imperial stout list is complete without North Coast Old Rasputin. Paying homage to the infamous “mad monk” Grigori Rasputin with one of the more haunting beer labels out there, this 9 percent ABV award-winner is made in the classic 18th-century style. The result is a bold, flavorful stout with notes of dried fruit, chocolate, fresh-brewed coffee, and caramel.

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Bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Courtesy Image

2. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

You won’t find a more beloved barrel-aged imperial stout than this Goose Island classic launched in 1992 to celebrate the brewery’s 1,000th batch of beer. One of the most eagerly awaited beers every fall, each year’s version is truly its own thing. The 2021 rendering is a blend of stouts aged up to 14 months in bourbon barrels from notable distilleries including Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace. It’s known for its pronounced chocolate fudge, vanilla, and warming bourbon flavor.

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Great Divide Yeti
Great Divide Yeti Courtesy Image

3. Great Divide Yeti

Available year-round and packing a potent punch at 9.5 percent ABV, there’s a reason Great Divide Yeti is rated as highly as it is. This award-winning beer offers hints of roasted coffee beans, buttery caramel, and sweet vanilla. The finish will warm you with a mix of chocolate sweetness and bitter hops.

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Bottle of Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout with filled snifter of beer
Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout Courtesy Image

4. Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout

Whoever Uncle Jacob is, he must’ve been quite a guy to have a 15.9 percent ABV beer named after him. Bourbon barrel-aged for six months, this robust yet surprisingly mellow stout offers hints of raisins, dried cherries, roasted espresso beans, toasted vanilla beans, and sweet bourbon. The Boulder CO-based brewers recommend enjoying it with a rich, gooey chocolate brownie.

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Bottle of Firestone Walker Parabola
Firestone Walker Parabola Courtesy Image

5. Firestone Walker Parabola

California’s Firestone Walker may be best known for its IPAs and Pivo Pils, but don’t overlook its barrel-aged beers—especially one of the best of that batch, Parabola. Aged for a full year in ex-bourbon barrels, the result is a bold beer with notes of oaky wood, dried fruits, coffee beans, bitter chocolate, and caramel.


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Bottle of Sierra Nevada Narwhal
Sierra Nevada Narwhal Courtesy Image

6. Sierra Nevada Narwhal

Another brewery famous for its hop-centric beer, Sierra Nevada makes some of the finest darker beers out there as well. Living up to its legendary unicorn-like sea creature name, Narwhal is a truly singular imperial stout brewed with Caramelized, Chocolate, Two-row Pale, and Carafa III malts and is filled with flavors like bitter chocolate, raisins, caramel, and just a hint of smoke.

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Bottle of Bell’s Expedition Stout
Bell’s Expedition Stout Courtesy Image

7. Bell’s Expedition Stout

One of the first Russian imperial stouts made in the U.S., this 10 percent brew is only available in the early fall. It’s known for its malt-forward flavor along with dried fruits, chocolate fudge, toffee, and vanilla. A great beer for aging, you can buy a six-pack now and save some for the middle of the winter or early spring.

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Bottle of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout Courtesy Image

8. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

One of Brooklyn Brewery’s best-known brews, this 10.5 percent chocolate bomb is available only from October until March. The good news: this gives you a whole half-year (and the entire winter) to indulge in this dessert-worthy beer brimming with roasted coffee, fudge, raisin, caramel malt, and dark chocolate tones—with just a hint of fruit.

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Bottle of Founders Imperial Stout with full pint glass beside it
Founders Imperial Stout Courtesy Image

9. Founders Imperial Stout

Michigan’s Founders is a giant name in the beer world, and generally seems to brew nothing but big winners. Its Imperial Stout might not receive the attention of, say, a Founders Breakfast Stout or All Day IPA but we think it should. This 10.5 percent Russian imperial stout is highlighted by roasted malts, dark chocolate, caramel candy, vanilla, and butterscotch.

[$11.99, 4-pack;]

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Bottle of Surly Darkness stout beer
Surly Darkness Courtesy Image

10. Surly Darkness

One of the most eagerly awaited Russian imperial stout releases, Surly Darkness is brewed with a symphony of malts including 2-Row, Golden Promise, Aromatic, Chocolate, Black, and special B—as well as roasted barley, oats, brewers crystals, and a trio of hops (Simcoe, Warrior, and Amarillo). The result is a potent 12 percent brew with notes of raisins, dried cherries, freshly brewed espresso, caramel, and dark, bitter chocolate.

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