The Best Pocket-Sized Snacks For Your Ski Day

A friend of mine recently told me that as she vigorously pedals on the bike trainer inside her apartment, assumedly for a workout (and for some fun), she also consumes cupcakes. I had two reactions. First, I was proud of her ability to multitask. Second, I thought yeah, that makes sense.

I ski for a few reasons: It’s the most fun form of fun, I know it is good for my mental and physical health, and – most importantly – because of the snacks. Sure, going for a rip on a beautiful and snowy mountain is great, and exercise is good or whatever, but eating is the best part of skiing – or any outdoor pursuit for that matter.

best snacks ski day
You don’t want to find yourself “hangry” in this situation. Photo: Robson Hatsukami Morgan/Unsplash

Do you like summiting mountains, rafting whitewater, biking through the woods, skiing waist deep powder? Not without tasty vittles you don’t.

Here is a list of snacks with less bulk, less cost, less weight, no spill or schmear factor (like a pocket PB&J), easy access, and high quality, that will make your ski adventure all the better.


Pocket bacon will always be a go-to ski bum snack. But if you don’t have time to cook swine, snag yourself some Krave Jerky. Krave boasts all-natural lean meat with no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed… and it is delicious. Check out the pink peppercorn, honey habanero, and sweet chipotle flavors. All are so very delightful.

$5.99 per 2.7 ounce bag.

Chef’s Cut’s claim to fame is steakhouse quality cuts of beef and pork (they do chicken, too) made into jerky. It is outrageously tasty. The original recipe, buffalo or chipotle cracked pepper will keep you skiing all day long. Both Krave and Chef’s Cut can easily fit into a jacket or cargo pocket. A great on-the-go, got-to-get-to-the-pow-stash snack.

$25.95 for a four-pack of 2.5 ounce bags.

Trader Joe’s Dried Mango

I guess any dried mango will do, but TJ’s is my favorite. It’s unsulfured and unsweetened. It’s simply dehydrated mango, straight up. There’s none of that weird, white sugary powder residue left on the slices. Plus, it’s packaged in a pocket-sized 6 ounce bag, rather than a clunky Tupperware. Most importantly, it’s tasty. One pocket with savory, spicy jerky, one pocket with sweet dried mango, one happy skier.

$2.99 in-store.

Taos Mountain Energy Bars

There are a lot of bars that market themselves as THE adventure sports energy or granola bar. But how can you determine that? A lot of bars advertise as the healthiest. These are not those bars. A lot of bars advertise as made with only plant-based ingredients. These are not those. A lot of bars…well, a lot of bars claim a lot of things.

Taos is hands down, unequivocally my favorite bar of all the bars in the world of bars. Pure and simple, Taos is tasty as hell. They’re made in a kitchen, not in a lab or factory, with scrumptious ingredients and flavors. Pinon coffee, maple praline, and toasted coconut are my fav flavors. Chocolate butterscotch is like Christmas and the Fourth of July in your mouth. Get these bars, get them right now.

$27 for a twelve bar box.

Good To-Go Meals

A Good To-Go Meal is not an on-the-chairlift snack. These super tasty dehydrated meals are meant for multi-day backpacking trips. But when on-resort lunch options range in cost from handing over your first born to a down payment on a house, GTG is the way to go. Every ski lodge has hot water and that, plus a few minutes, is all you need to enjoy a fresh, real ingredients, delicious meal like Thai curry, oatmeal or herbed mushroom risotto.

$6.50-$13.50, single to double serving in a 6.8 ounce pouch

Honey Stinger Chews

Remember those fruit snacks you devoured at lunchtime in second grade? These are just like those, except they’re healthier than those gelatinous sugar dinosaurs. Each bag contains 95 percent organic ingredients and provides a real, carbohydrate-fueled (not sugar high) energy boost. Also, they are tasty little suckers. Pack the strawberry, grapefruit, or cherry cola flavors for a between-ski-runs boost.

$28.68 for a box of twelve 1.8 ounce bags

NuttZo Seed Butter

I have to say, I was pretty skeptical when I tried NuttZo’s Power Fuel seven nut and seed butter. When words like organic, paleo, non-GMO, vegan, no sugar added, and gluten free are all in the ingredient list, I assume that “tasteless” is in there somewhere, too. But the Power Fuel is actually pretty dang yummy. Plus, it produces a serious, clean boost of energy from a packet that fits in your palm. One or two of these in your pocket will see you wiggling on skis from first to last chair.

$13.99 for a ten-pack of .67 ounce packets

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