The Best Post-Workout Beers

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At the end of an epic ride or grueling run, nothing quenches your thirst quite like an ice-cold beer. Beer is packed with sugary carbs and heart-healthy flavonoids, but recent studies show that knocking back too much of your favorite post-workout brew can sap muscle recovery. (Damn you, science!) So we’ve come up with a solution by rounding up seven of our favorite low-in-alcohol, big-on-flavor beers.

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Avery Joe’s Premium American Pilsner

This crisp pilsner is as classic as its name—light malt followed by a refreshing noble hops taste of freshly cut grass.

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Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA

From the brewer that invented the concept of canned craft beer, this refreshing hop-forward IPA toes the session line at 4.9% ABV.

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Guinness Stout

With 4.2% ABV, Guinness is one of the most drinkable—and, at 155 calories, healthy—full-flavored stouts on the market.

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Modern Times Fortunate Islands

This 5% ABV wheat ale bursts with IPA-worthy hop notes but finishes as you’d expect, with a mildly nutty backbone.

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Anderson Valley Blood Orange Goose

This dry, salty-sour wheat beer packs a refreshing juicy orange tang. It won’t be for everyone, but at least it replenishes electrolytes.

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Ballast Point Even Keel

Despite being the lightest beer here (3.8% ABV), this session IPA drops an invigorating herb- and citrus-filled hop bomb on the palate that’s perfect for the next BBQ.

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Founders All Day IPA

You literally can sip the beer that started the session craze—its strong grapefruit aroma and peppery, piney hops are barely kept in check by a thin malt backbone. 

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