The Best Wines for Your Thanksgiving Feast

 Nick Ferrari

Many wines are naturally low in alcohol, which means they have fewer calories than the heavy, boozy red zinfandels and cabernets so often served with winter meals.

“Wines from Beaujolais and the Loire Valley of France are lower in alcohol and higher in acidity; and not only do they have fewer calories, they’re also more versatile, so they go with a wider array of foods,” says Jason Wagner, the beverage director at Fung Tu in New York City.

For red, look for a Beaujolais that’s labeled “cru Beaujolais”—meaning it’s from the best vineyards; and for white, grab a muscadet. “Big, bold wines can overwhelm some dishes and get you drunk faster,” Wagner says. “But these wines can be consumed in greater quantity without getting you wasted—and they’re a great counterpoint to rich holiday dishes.”

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