Blame Hangovers on Your Genes

Blame Hangovers on Your Genes

Ever wondered why you and your buddies go out for a few beers, you’re the only one who wakes up with a pounding head? It may have less to do with weight differences and height, and more to do with genetic factors.

In a recent study at the University of Missouri-Columbia, researchers looked for links related to the frequency of hangovers in the past year and found that genetics accounted for 40 percent of the difference in hangover frequency. The other half is related to factors other than your DNA such as whether you eat while you drink or your tolerance.

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Oddly enough, the people who had the gene variants that increased their risk of a hangover also tended to drink to get drunk more frequently than the people who did not have that gene. These findings could contribute to research in the future on alcohol addiction and the relationship between these genes and how often a person gets drunk.

On top of binge-drinking hindering fat-loss goals, it could also be harmful in building muscle and disrupt mental clarity. Be sure to take it slow, and think before you drink.

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