Summer’s Most-Anticipated Bourbon Is This Bottle of Blanton’s

Blanton's Gold
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A coveted bottle of bourbon never before available in the United States will finally be available at home this year. Blanton’s Gold is much beloved overseas, but Americans can only enjoy the high-proof cousin to Blanton’s Original while abroad at the moment. That changes this summer.

Unlike the Original Single Barrel Blanton’s, which you likely know from its craft paper brown labels, Gold is bottled at a higher proof point. That means the same recipe, but 103 proof instead of the robust 93 enjoyed outside the U.S. for some time now.

Blanton’s and its producer Buffalo Trace Distillery have been receiving requests to bring Gold Label Single Barrel Bourbon to the U.S. for years (including some from us). “We’re thrilled to be able to fulfill their requests this summer,” said senior marketing director Kris Comstock.

Blanton’s Original was actually the first single barrel bourbon ever. Named for former distillery president Colonel Albert B. Blanton, Blanston’s Original Single Barrel was created in 1984 by Elmer T. Lee, whose name now also adorns another beloved whiskey.

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International-market-only bourbons are fairly common among the major producers. Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Four Roses, and others all produce bourbons exclusively sold outside the United States. But in recent years, many of those bottles, including whiskeys like Maker’s Mark 101, have been showing up on the domestic market as well, as demand for variety has soared throughout the bourbon boom.

Unfortunately, the price for this elevated version of a classic is significantly higher—a whopping $120 per bottle (plus any taxes, markups, and immoral gouges your local liquor store decides to tack on).

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The taste is described as “full and rich, marked by apricot, butter, pepper, light honey, and oak. The finish has been called long, with toffee and apple, developing on pecan and caramel.”

Blanton’s Gold Label Single Barrel Bourbon is scheduled for a summer release, and we have every confidence that it will sell out quickly. It’s likely to be an annual release, like many other coveted whiskeys in the Buffalo Trace portfolio.

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