Blue Moon’s Founder Is Brewing a New Marijuana-Infused Craft Beer

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Blue Moon’s founding brewmaster has taken on a new challenge: brewing marijuana-infused beers that, yes, actually get you high.

Keith Villa, who previously worked at Blue Moon for 32 years and invented their Belgian Wheat beer, has jumped into the growing market of cannabis-infused beers. His new venture, CERIA Brewing Co., will release their beer first in Colorado, then move on to states like California and Michigan where recreational marijuana is legal.

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Villa stayed close to his Blue Moon roots with the company’s first offering, the Grainwave Belgian-Style White Ale. It’s brewed with blood orange peel and coriander, and “has a richer, deeper orange character and a little different type of bitterness because of the cannabinoids,” he told USA Today.

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Because the beer is infused with five milligrams of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that causes a high, federal law prohibits the beer from also containing alcohol. But rest assured, you’ll still feel a buzz from this brew. Cannabis-infused beers have been released in the United States before, but this is the first time one with THC will be available to the public.

Other companies like Molson Coors, Svedka, Corona, and even Coca-Cola have expressed interest in entering the drinkable marijuana market, but they’ve mostly pursued infusing beverages with CBD, a chemical in pot that doesn’t get you high but is often used to relieve pain and anxiety.

CERIA’s first THC brew will be available in Colorado in mid-December, and should arrive in other states in early 2019. Individual bottles will sell for $9, and four-packs will go for around $36.

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