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Imagine a brand that takes your health seriously and understands the powerful healing effects of food and plants. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, let us introduce you to Spicewell, which is more than your average superfood company. Spicewell is a movement to fight Big Food and Big Pharma, demanding high-quality, clean-label pantry essentials to promote the well-being of people all around the world. Informed by Ayurveda, a natural healing system founded in India 5,000 years ago, Spicewell was created to help individuals experience healing through food right from their own pantries. They started with two products, a salt and pepper, and have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a trio of new seasoning flavors.

What Is Spicewell?

Spicewell is unlike any other superfood brand currently on the market. In fact, when Spicewell launched the world’s very first Ayurvedic and nutrient-dense salt and pepper, they immediately sold out. Their New Salt and New Pepper are made with vitamins derived from the earth, including ingredients like organic kale, cranberries, broccoli, and maitake mushrooms, just to name a few. Spicewell has truly changed the game by creating salt and pepper that are good for your body. Don’t believe us? Only a half teaspoon of Spicewell’s New Salt or New Pepper contains 10% of your necessary daily vitamins. They have sold out of these products over five times now.

While traditional salt and pepper typically take away from your health, Spicewell figured out how to make them good for your taste buds and your overall health. Spicewell’s New Salt is 30% lower in sodium than traditional salt and includes all-natural stress-reducing ingredients, namely Ashwagandha. New Pepper is just as great, too; one of its primary ingredients is turmeric, which is known for its inflammation-reducing qualities. When you taste New Salt and New Pepper for the first time, you’ll see they are not like any other superfood that’s attempting to taste good; they actually taste amazing and can completely replace typical salt and pepper.

Spicewell’s Sustainability and Product Quality Efforts

Spicewell is at the top of the game regarding health benefits, but they also have a huge passion for being sustainable and taking care of the environment. All of Spicewell’s packaging is completely recycled or compostable, so when you order from Spicewell, you can rest assured that the packaging isn’t an added burden to the environment. With their recent partnership with the National Forest Foundation, they are also committing to planting one tree for every order, in addition to their already carbon neutral shipping.

In addition to their packaging, Spicewell also takes the quality and cleanliness of their ingredients very seriously. Spicewell products are tested not once, but twice for toxic heavy metals and pesticides, so if you’re hesitant to trust their claims, then trust the scientific labs that have put hours into testing each Spicewell production batch and ingredient source.

Speaking of testing, Spicewell will soon be launching lab testing that allows you to test yourself for heavy metal levels, inflammation levels, and even your micronutrient levels; this is part of their holistic vision to improve health outcomes through food.

Speaking of experts, another thing that sets Spicewell apart is that its brand and products are informed by a number of expert advisors from functional medicine, traditional medicine, Ayurved, and top chef collaborators. The accountability that Spicewell demonstrates in its product quality and sustainability is top-tier, making it a brand name to keep an eye out for in the upcoming years as it transforms the American pantry one product at a time.

Raina Kumra: Founder of Spicewell

Another name to look out for is Spicewell’s innovative and passionate founder and CEO, Raina Kumra. This company did not start with a lot of whiteboarding, but rather in the garden, quite accidentally. It wasn’t the best day for Kumra; her husband was recovering from extensive knee surgery, and the next day, her five-year-old daughter broke her collarbone while her son got bruised up in a bicycle accident.

The cherry on top is that all of this happened right in the middle of the pandemic, so you can only imagine the kind of stress she was going through, needing to take care of three injured loved ones while navigating life during the global pandemic. We all know how difficult things were in the middle of the pandemic; you couldn’t simply go out and get what you needed. Instead, we were all required to be innovative and create new ways to solve the problems we faced in daily life. Kumra is the perfect example of innovation created to meet a need that turned into an idea the world was ready to get behind.

Thanks to sage wisdom from her grandmother, Kumra already knew about the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric and black pepper. She also knew that kale, broccoli, and other green vegetables were helpful in healing tendons, muscles, and bones. With all of this information scrambling through her head, she started taking kale from her garden, dehydrating it, and adding it to her family’s meals with a generous serving of turmeric. The results she achieved were undeniable; her husband, daughter, and son all healed 50% faster than the doctors predicted they would, and their digestive, lymphatic, circulatory, and respiratory systems were all functioning as well as possible. Kumra took notice of the changes these nutrients caused in her loved ones and turned them into a wildly successful brand.

Raina Kumra’s Journey

Although it’s already a massive accomplishment in and of itself, it would be an extreme underestimation to define Raina Kumra as just the founder and CEO of Spicewell. Her journey to where she is now is anything but simple; she’s already experienced enough to fill several lifetimes.

Kumra started in the film industry, originating as a documentary filmmaker. She transitioned into video editing, then digital producing, and then was put in charge of the digital department at the illustrious advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy in New York City. Following this, she made a 180-degree turn and started working in the non-profit sector. Kumra started a non-profit focusing on solar energy in Africa and afterward joined the State Department to run the department of innovation at a federal agency under President Obama. Most recently, Kumra created a venture-backed tech startup, advocated for tech ethics, and became a venture capitalist.

Kumra has vast experiences from many different fields, and each of these experiences has informed her in developing Spicewell; this is one of the reasons why Spicewell has seen such enormous success. Kumra’s diverse professional experiences have helped her create the most holistic brand possible, and the brand has benefited because of that.

Raina Kumra’s Goals for Spicewell

When it comes to her goals for Spicewell, Kumra is shooting for the stars. Her first goal has to do with New Salt and New Pepper. Kumra wants to see these essentials in every pantry. It’s time for society to say “goodbye” to traditional salt and pepper that are damaging to the body and say “hello” to Spicewell’s New Salt and New Pepper, which are both nutritious and tasty. Kumra says that we need to have “better defaults.” Instead of the salt and pepper that people typically use, Spicewell’s goal is to have New Salt and New Pepper as the go-to seasoning for households everywhere.

The second phase of Kumra’s goals for Spicewell is to introduce even more nutritious products into their brand. Why stop at salt and pepper when you can create health-promoting replacements for all kinds of pantry essentials? Kumra is passionate about helping people achieve nutritious meals with the help of nutrient-dense basics. She wants to continue expanding Spicewell’s product line to make them more accessible to everyone, and you can help. As they just launched a kickstarter where backers get to be the very first to sample and receive the new products, which include one called “indian taco.” If that doesn’t get you curious you can always just head there for the tandoori that will be high in vitamin C.

Kumra isn’t stopping there, though; in fact, she is thinking of a much bigger picture beyond Spicewell. The third phase of her goal is to directly influence food policy. It shouldn’t be the norm for Big Food to promote products that are harmful to the body. Spicewell has the potential to influence food policy and make a global difference. When you support Spicewell, you support so much more than a superfood brand; you support a movement to take on Big Food and promote healthy, accessible food to all people.

The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship

Kumra says that, in her experience, the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur is “living in the present and fighting to create the future that you know will be improved by your product.” Although she dreams of completely replacing traditional salt and pepper with the healthier New Salt and New Pepper, she has to fight for that future every day, and while it drives her to work her hardest, it can also be draining; fighting for a better future for herself, her loved ones, and society as a whole is really tough business. But what keeps her going is knowing the link between what we eat and chronic illness is something that is in all of our control.

At the same time, being an entrepreneur can also be fulfilling. Kumra says, “The most fulfilling part is seeing that thing that was once just a concept in your mind, out in the world, in real physical form, with people using it.” Seeing her dream of nutritious pantry essentials become a reality in pantries across the nation has been a huge motivation for Kumra to keep pushing and pursuing a brighter future for the health of everyone she encourters, and she knows it is possible with Spicewell.

Kumra’s story is inspiring, motivating thousands of people to make simple health-conscious decisions daily. If you’re interested in learning more about Spicewell and supporting the brand, visit for all your better-for-you pantry essential needs. Not only will your health benefit, but you’ll also be part of a bigger movement to make sustainable and nutritious foods readily available to everyone.