Breckenridge Brewery and Belfast’s Boundary Debut New Nitro Dry Irish Stout


Breckenridge Brewery, based in Littleton, Colorado, recently announced the release of Nitro Dry Irish Stout, a beer brewed in collaboration with Belfast’s Boundary Brewing Cooperative.

The new stout is the third installment of Breckenridge’s Nitro Series, which thus far has also included the Nitro Vanilla Porter and Nitro Lucky U IPA. Each Nitro Series beer is packaged in a unique nitrogen-charged, 15.2-ounce can creating the creamy, cascading head made famous by Guinness Draught.

Nitro Dry Irish Stout is a 4.8 percent ABV beer brewed with roasted barley, flaked barley, and Irish Stout Malt, yielding a black color, creamy body, coffee flavors, and a dry finish, Breckenridge said.

The two breweries are also two steps ahead of the Untappd heads — the beer’s timely spring (read: St. Patrick’s Day) release comes equipped with an Untappd badge that app users can “unlock” throughout the whole month of March.

But the beer collaboration wasn’t all about marketing: “Our collaboration with Boundary Brewing resulted in a truly authentic Irish stout. We worked closely with their brewer, Matthew, to develop this recipe using ingredients from his homeland,” said Todd Usry, president and brewmaster of Breckenridge Brewery. “The process of creating the recipe together and having Matthew come here to brew with us was so positive for our entire brew staff, and the outcome is delicious.”

Boundary Brewing co-founder and brewer Matthew Dick echoed Usry’s sentiment, saying the collaboration between the two breweries was long in the making. “I met George O’Neill [Breckenridge Brewery director of sales and marketing] here in Belfast, and we began talking about doing a beer together,” said Dick.

He continued, “I used to live in the States, and it’s there that I fell in love with great beer, so the opportunity to brew with Breckenridge was really exciting. I’ve also always wanted to play with nitro in a beer — we love our stouts in Boundary, so this collaboration was especially interesting for us.”

Nitro Dry Irish Stout will be available in four-packs starting in February and remain on sale until the next Nitro Series release, Breckenridge said.