BrewDog Raises $60K in 24 hours for ‘The DogHouse’ Craft Beer Hotel

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If a malted barley massage or hop-infused face mask sounds pretty good to you right now, keep reading — and if it doesn’t, we suggest you keep reading anyway.

This week, the stunt-studded BrewDog, helmed by co-founders and beer industry stuntmen James Watt and Martin Dickie, announced the chance to contribute to funding for The DogHouse, a craft beer hotel planned for the recently opened brewpub location in Columbus, Ohio, in an Indiegogo campaign that launched yesterday.

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Doubling as the first stateside BrewDog location’s sour beer facility, guests of the DogHouse will be able to enjoy a fully immersive beer experience, from beer-themed rooms to a BrewDog Punk IPA jacuzzi to the aforementioned malt massage and hop mask (no, we weren’t kidding).

BrewDog is calling the DogHouse the first craft beer hotel in the world, but we must mention that Dogfish Head launched the Dogfish Inn in Lewes, Delaware (located between their brewpub and distillery in Rehoboth Beach and production brewery in Milton), in 2014; and Belgium’s St. Bernardus brewery has an amazing B&B on its property in Watou, Belgium. (At one point we counted eight such examples… surely there are even more now.)

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But this may be the first craft beer hotel and sour brewery that are a joint entity — as in, the view from your room will be a beer-filled foeder fermenting suds to eventually be served in the taproom downstairs. So, we’ll give them points for innovation there. (Then again, the thought of sipping sour ales fermented with local hotel room yeast is a little creepy.)

Before you scoff at the Scottish brewery’s latest crowdfunding venture, however, be aware that this one seems to be working out much better than BrewDog’s Big Bet, which was on and then swiftly off the (roulette) table. On the contrary, the current Indiegogo campaign has already raised upwards of $60,000 toward its $75,000 goal, and their strategic choice of Indiegogo’s flexible goal option means they get the dough whether they reach the goal or not.

Indiegogo “perks” for contributing include the launch day exclusive package of free Punk IPA on tap, fully stocked minibar and hand picked selection of Watt and Dickie’s favorite beers, plus 10 percent off rooms if you’re too drunk not to stay ($100 contribution); a private brewery tour and tasting ($25); or your name branded on one of the sour beer foeders (also $25, and really cool). For 30 grand, you can even book your wedding or an extremely lavish birthday party.

According to BrewDog, the entire project will cost $6 million, and barring any budget hemorrhages, will be open to the public in the third quarter of 2018. Budget unconscious beer enthusiasts may also support the project by buying shares in BrewDog’s Equity for Punks program.

This comes after the recent announcement that the brewery’s new Columbus location will offer company employees puppy parental leave, so that staff may administer proper care during the early days of their fur children. We wouldn’t want any neglected puppies out there, would we?

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