BrewDog to Gamble Millions of Dollars in Crowdfunded Money in Conjunction With U.S. Brewpub Launch

True to its anti-establishment ethos, BrewDog, a multinational brewery based in Ellon, Scotland, with upwards of 45 bar locations around the world, has turned the beer business on its head once again. The new gamble, BrewDog’s Big Bet, is a forthcoming plan to bet millions of investor dollars on a roulette game in conjunction with BrewDog’s first U.S. brewpub launch, in Columbus, Ohio.

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BrewDog recently announced it has extended its U.K.-based Equity for Punks crowdfunding initiative to U.S. soil with Equity for Punks USA, an opportunity for investment in BrewDog’s U.S.-based business. But there's a risky twist: an opportunity to double down on an investment of up to $50 million — to be gambled by BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie in February at a Las Vegas roulette table.

"In 2009 we tore up convention and reinvented small business finance with Equity for Punks," said Watt, who recently visited New York City and Columbus, Ohio, to promote the Big Bet. "And now, with one crazy bet, we are going to shake the yawn-inducing financial establishment to its foundation. For too long, Wall Street has gambled with your money. Fuck Wall Street. With [BrewDog’s] Big Bet, we are putting you in the driver’s seat."

"BrewDog is built on taking gambles, and we have no intention of stopping," he added.

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According to Watt, Equity for Punks USA investors have the option to participate in the gamble, which will entail choosing red or black — the majority vote being the color Watt and Dickie will bet their chips on come February — along with agreeing to the value of all or part of their equity being placed on the roulette table.

A winning spin means BrewDog doubles the money raised by participating investors, the latter of whom will also double their stake in BrewDog’s U.S. business, and a losing bet means investors lose their shares — but still get to keep the benefits promised to Equity Punks, including a lifetime discount on BrewDog beer and merchandise.

Also included in the Big Bet initiative is the release of a new BrewDog beer, Casino Rye Ale (get it?), which will provide a share of profits to the final betting total.

"In just a few seconds, we could blow the craft beer revolution into the stratosphere and change things forever," said Watt. "Whatever happens, it’s going to be a hell of a crazy ride."

Shares of Common Stock in BrewDog USA Inc. can be purchased at for $47.50 per share, with a minimum investment of two shares. Cut-off date for interested participants to opt in is December 28, 2016. The official gamble will be broadcast live on BrewDog’s Facebook profiles.

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