Budweiser’s Nitro-Infused Golden Lager Shakes Things Up

Budweiser Nitro Gold
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A new Budweiser beer is set on changing the rules of pouring for American lagers. This week, the Budweiser brand unveiled Nitro Gold: a nitro-infused new lager available this month.

Nitro infusion isn’t new to beers, and a prominent example you might first consider is Guinness, with its “widget” designed for releasing nitrogen into the beer to recreate those tiny, silky bubbles from a can or bottle.

There’s no widget in Nitro Gold though—instead, to drink it, you’ll turn the can upside down three times, before pouring straight down into a glass (Bud doesn’t seem to think people will be drinking this one straight from the can).

You can see the whole serving recommendation here:

“We’re very excited about the introduction of Budweiser Nitro Reserve because it meets the growing demand for premium products and the rise in popularity of nitro infused beverages,” said Ricardo Marques, VP Marketing Core & Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch. “With its unique serving ritual, Budweiser Nitro Gold produces a beautiful cascade visual and delivers a silky-smooth taste due to smaller, denser bubbles.”

The “pouring ritual,” as they describe it, appears simple enough, if beer drinkers can keep themselves from doing it wrong out of habit.

Major brewers have been experimenting with new beer styles in the last six months. We’ve seen Yuengling produce a new light lager, Guinness produce a bourbon barrel–aged ale, and PBR release an IPA, among others.

Nitro Gold is a 5 percent ABV beer, so it’s on the session side, and Budweiser is noting its use of toasted caramel malt for a bolder flavor.

Bold and silky aren’t terms the big brewers typically highlight when describing lagers (usually you’re getting crisp and refreshing), so we’re interested in giving this beer a shot, just to see how different it really is. A more flavorful and texture-forward beer sounds like a great way to transition from the winter doldrums to porch drinking weather, though.

Nitro Gold is officially now on sale today officially in six and 12-packs.

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