Budweiser Wants to Become Utah’s Official State Beer

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This Bud’s for U, err Utah, that is. Earlier this week, Budweiser launched a new advertising campaign aiming to become the first “official beer” of any U.S. state. And of 50 choices, the NY Daily News reports that its first target state, right in the middle of the intermountain West, is Utah.

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If the new plan goes through, the Anheuser-Busch giant will make a red, white, and blue customized Bud Heavy can in honor of the Beehive State, adorned with images of Delicate Arch, snowboarding, the Utah State Capitol, and the Salt Lake Temple, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

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Photo: Courtesy of Anheuser-Busch InBev

Many would not think of Utah as the first state to tap with an ‘official beer’ status—for almost 100 years, the state did not allow any beer above 5 percent alcohol by volume to be sold in stores. However, last year, that all changed. As of Nov. 1, 2019, Utahns were finally able to purchase higher-alcohol-content beer at grocery and convenience stores, as reported by the Tribune. And on this day last year, Budweiser even brought in its iconic Clydesdales (as well as pallbearers dressed up skeleton costumes) to bid farewell to the beer regulations, in an “R.I.P.” statement. This latest campaign hopes to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Utah’s historic higher-alcohol beer law.

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People can vote for the plan by tweeting the hashtag #Bud4Utah. If the hashtag gets at least 84,899 tweets (or retweets)—which happens to be the total square footage of Utah—the Beehive State will become America’s first to have its own official beer (not to mention its own custom Budwesier can).

Having been the first full-strength beer available in Utah, the “King of Beers” stakes its claim in the cheeky video below as to why Bud makes sense to be Utah’s state beer. Let the tweets begin!

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